Consumer services

Hardware and Software Repair & Installation

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Hardware and software changes can be complex, and result in unexpected changes in a computer’s performance. We will listen to what you say you need from your computer, and make recommendations for the best solutions for you.

Hardware Upgrades

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If you aren’t quite ready to get a new computer, but know that it needs a little something extra, we can help you select the right parts to fit your needs, order them from quality suppliers, and install them for you. Hardware-guaranteed for 1 year.

Virus Removal

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Everyone who uses computers will eventually encounter a virus, or malware. Whether it is mildly annoying pop-ups that slow your computer down, or a sophisticated identity-theft program, it doesn’t belong on your computer, and we can remove it. Our team stays current on known and emerging software threats, and are able to put our knowledge to work for you.

Refurbished Computer Sales

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Buying a refurbished computer doesn’t just make sense--it’s much better for the environment than buying a brand-new unit. Computers are basically empty metal boxes with wires and components attached, and by using the existing shell and parts that don’t change from year to year, and adding new hard drives, more ram, and an up-to-date operating system, we create state-of-the-art refurbished machines at a great value, and they are hardware-guaranteed for 1 year.

Laptop Repair

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We specialize in laptop repair, and can do anything from replacing a keyboard to replacing the entire motherboard. Some shops turn away laptop repair jobs, because the work can be very specialized, but our diligent and challenge-loving team welcome the opportunity to help you keep your laptop on the move.

Business Services

Network Design, Installation & Maintenance

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  • Licensed low voltage installation

  • Structured cabling, server rack installation and configuration

  • Network+ certified technicians

  • Enterprise level wireless networks

Managed Monthly Support Services (SLA's)

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  • When your business has an emergency, we will be there. With guaranteed response times, we can fix your business systems, or coordinate the repair with your third-party providers.

  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) saves you money, period. Through preventative maintenance, and remote tech support, your business stays up and running. You don’t have to worry about costly service calls to companies that you don’t have an existing lasting relationship with.

Website Design & Hosting

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Whatever style or functionality you need, we can provide it. Most of the websites we currently support feature one or more of the programming languages/software packages below, but we work with specialty and third-party vendors (such as for healthcare, insurance, etc), and can get your website where it needs to be.

  • HTML5, CSS3

  • Javascript

  • Drupal, Concrete5

  • Bootstrap, LESS, Foundation

  • PHP

Computer Sales & Construction

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If your office is in need of computer upgrades, we can source and install all of the hardware you need to get your business up-to-date.

Concierge Consulting

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We provide oversight and coordination of systems installation, maintenance, and upgrades, including everything from POS issues to network design consulting. We act as an intermediary between your business and your providers, so you have a single point of contact for your technical issues. We contact and coordinate with hardware and software providers to keep you running.

Software and Database Implementation & Design

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We can custom tailor a software solution to fit your companies needs. Our team has experience in a variety of programming languages, database structures, and network interfaces.

VOIP Phone Systems

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  • A Voice Over IP Phone system can save your company quite a bit of money compared to conventional phone systems, while offering many more features.

  • VOIP phones run on your existing data infrastructure, and can be easily implimented anywhere you already have a computer, with no additional wiring.

  • These systems are extremely scalable, able to support dozens or hundreds of phones depending on your internet connection.

  • The more phones you have, the more potential you have to save money and operate more efficiently with a Voice Over IP system.


iPhone Repair

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We are open from 10 am to 6 pm. If you would like to make an appointment, please give us a call, get in touch on Facebook, or email us. Walk-ins are welcome, but we cannot guarantee a turnaround time. Usually the repair takes between an hour and an hour and a half. We can replace any part in your iPhone (speakers, power buttons, headphone jacks etc.), but if it is something more than the screen, we will have to special order the part.

Prices Change Frequently. Please call for current prices.


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